Towards a Critical Anti-Imperialism #1

In the first session of our three-part series on Towards a Critical Anti-Imperialism, we will present two case studies of imperialism in different regions of the world: Syria and Ukraine.

Often presented as clear-cut cases of Russian imperialism, our speakers will present a plethora of research that complicates such views on the Ukrainian and Syrian conflicts. In particular, attention will be drawn to the continued use of imperial power structures by Western national-corporate war machines, providing a factual foundation for a fruitful discussion on what a critical anti-imperialism could look like today.

Contribution will be given by; Chris de Ploeg, Sheher Khan and Antonio Carmona Bàez

‘Towards a Critical Anti-Imperialism’ is part of the School of Critics program from Studio/K: monthly lectures, workshops, panels, movie and/or discussion nights about critical and social neglected themes. This  lecture series is organized in collaboration with: Critical Collective, ILPS-Netherlands and International Institute for Scientific Research

While Studio/K strongly supports critical discussion, the views and opinions expressed in these lectures are those of the speakers and parties and do not necessarily reflect the position of Studio/K.

Prijs: Gratis

Datum: 26 oktober

Tijd: 19:00 - 22:00

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