Earth Day in /k: Indigenous struggles and decolonization.

In relation to Earth Day we organize an event about Indigenous struggles, land relations and decolonization to give visibility to Indigenous struggles and how they are related to issues of climate change and sustainability. The program consists of a lecture, cultural performances and a panel discussion with indigenous groups.

Over the past 500 years colonization has systematically committed violence against indigenous people and in the process appropriated their land. Today many or most of the indigenous people around the world still face systematic marginalization and displacement. How does colonial history relate to today’s inequities and how is colonialism still visible today? What is the connection between indigenous rights and sustainability and what can today’s modern society actually learn from different indigenous people today? These are some of the questions this event aims to address.

Rolando Vazquez, Mapuche NL, Mabika’s Foundation, FreewestPapuacampaign will share their story and shed light on these issues.

Entrance is based on your donations varying from €3 to €5. There is also the possibility to buy a combiticket for €12,50 which includes vegetarian food at the end of the event. This event is part of the School of Critics in which monthly lectures, workshops, panels, film and/or discussion nights on critical and socially underexposed topics take place at Studio/K. This will be done as much as possible in collaboration with cultural and social organizations. This event is a collaboration with Mapuche NL, freeweestpapua and MABIKAs Foundation.

While Studio/K strongly supports critical discussion, the views and opinions expressed in these lectures are those of the speakers and parties and do not necessarily reflect the position of Studio/K.

You can buy your tickets here:

Combi ticket with food: 12,50
Normal: 5,00
Low income: 3,00

Datum: 22 April

Tijd: 15:00 tot 18:00