Kunst in /K

De kunst aan de muren van ons restaurant wisselt maandelijks.
De ene maand hebben we foto’s hangen, de volgende maand illustraties of schilderingen. We bieden de expositieruimte gratis aan en vragen daarmee aandacht voor opkomende kunstenaars.

Voor vragen over de huidige tentoonstelling of
het tentoonstellen van je eigen kunst kun je mailen naar kunst@studio-k.nu.

Deze maand

Deze maand hangt het werk van Sidsel Lehn Mehlsen in ons restaurant.


Sidsel Lehn Mehlsen (Visual Artist) –We use photography as a mean of communication; a tool to pass on and share our experiences with each other. The usage of photography in terms of self-expression in different contexts – social media, artistically, commercially-, shows how self-aware we have become when staging photography. Through a series of experiments with various polaroid types, I’ve attempted to perceive the polaroids as living organisms expressing themselves. Since 2015 I have experimented with the environment surrounding the polaroid, such as temperature, concealing them with bacterias, and pressure. The colors and formations visible in each unique polaroid mark their ability to imitate living organisms, leaving their own traces behind. The selection made for Studio/K plays with the notion of space, upscaling these minuscule ‘landscapes’ providing an opportunity for the viewer to indulge in them. During the opening some additional works will be on display.


For collaboration, prescribing images or other sharing’s connect:

Website: www.sidselmehlsen.dk/

Instagram: ansvarligkvinde