Western mass media and the propaganda model: on the ‘’unworthy’’ victims of Yemen, Syria and East-Timor.

Is the Western mass media a propaganda vehicle for Western states and corporate interests?

That is the central claim made by Edward S Herman and Noam Chomsky in their classic book: Manufacturing Consent: the political economy of the mass media. Published in 1988, the book demonstrated that so-called ‘’worthy’’ and ‘’unworthy’’ victims are treated differently by Western mass media. In short, victims of Western or allied regimes are given scant attention while the crimes of rival states are amplified.

Thirty years after the original publication we re-examine the state of Western media: are certain categories of victims still under-reported? And is the propaganda model applicable to the Dutch media establishment? To answer these and other questions Studio/K has invited several researchers to examine the continued relevance of the propaganda model today, examining Western reporting of victims in Syria, Yemen and East-Timor.

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➢ Emiel Martens
An Assistant professor in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He will introduce the basics of the propaganda model and the five propaganda filters.

➢ Sheher Khan
A political scientist with special focus on geopolitics in the Islamic world. He will apply the propaganda model to the coverage of different groups of victims in the wars in Syria and Yemen today.

➢ Endie van Binsbergen
The chairperson of the Free East Timor Foundation. She will show how the propaganda models explains the lack of Western coverage of the genocide in East-Timor and zoom in on the changes that can happen when journalists manage to break out their stories regardless.

➢ Moderator: Jael in ‘t Veld
She writes as a freelance journalist on migration for OneWorld, about European migration policy, growing borders and deportation deals. She is also a member of the board of the new political party Amsterdam BIJ1 and active around the situation of refugees in Europe, especially Afghans with the group Don’t Send Afghans Back.


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Donderdag 28 februari

20:00 tot 22:00