The Guerrilla Is a Poet: Screening + Q&A

The tale of an activist’s journey during the turbulent years of Martial Law under the Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines, until his capture followed by nine years of imprisonment, leading to his birth as a poet.

✎ The Guerrilla is a Poet (2013)
Join us for a screening of this award-winning film in Studio/K, followed by a discussion with the protagonist Jose Maria Sison. The poetic film looks at the life of intellectual and revolutionary leader Jose Maria Sison, founder of the communist party of the Philippines, through a combination of interviews and event re-enactment.

This event is organized by Studio/K in co-operation with Linangan NL – Willem Geertman Art & Culture Network (LINANGAN). The project aims to create awareness about the tumultuous period of Philippine history under the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and about how idealistic young people decided they had to take up arms to fight a dictatorial regime.

✎ Stichting Linangan
This is a non-profit foundation of Dutch and Filipino-Dutch persons who undertake activities to inform the Dutch public about the situation in the Philippines. Stichting Linangan strives to achieve its aim mainly through art and cultural activities. Linangan hopes to cultivate positive social values such as concern for the rights and welfare of others, care for the environment and the willingness to work with collective effort and cooperation. The founding of Linangan was inspired by the life and sacrifice of Willem Geertman, a Dutch volunteer worker in the Philippines who actively worked for the rights and welfare of workers and indigenous people until he was murdered in 2012.

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Date: Woensdag 30 januari

Time: 18:30 tot 21:20