Towards a Critical Anti-Imperialism #3

In this final part of our three-part series on Towards a Critical Anti-Imperialism, we will go deeper into the discussion of how A critical Anti-Imperialism would look like today.

In our series we have had presentations about different regions of the world: Syria, Ukraine, Philippines and Venezuala (See Russia, Syria and Ukraine: flashpoints of ‘the new cold war’. and Intervention and Struggle in the Philippines and Venezuela). In this final session and discussion our speakers will come together in a panel and discus the differences and simularities with imperialism.

Furthermore, special attention will be given about anti-imperial voices and histroical figures from Dutch history in which Mitchell Esajas will give a presentation about Otto Huiswoud, a black revolutionary and activist who was born in Suriname in 1893 and who struggled against colonialism, racism and economic inequality.

This event is a collaboration with: Critical Collective, ILPS-Netherlands,Decolonial International Network and Studio/K. For more background information about the event and speakers look below.


‘Towards a Critical Anti-Imperialism’ is part of the School of Critics program from Studio/K: monthly lectures, workshops, panels, movie and/or discussion nights about critical and social neglected themes. This  lecture series is organized in collaboration with: Critical Collective, ILPS-Netherlands and International Institute for Scientific Research

While Studio/K strongly supports critical discussion, the views and opinions expressed in these lectures are those of the speakers and parties and do not necessarily reflect the position of Studio/K.

Prijs: Gratis

Datum: 7 december

Tijd: 19:00 - 22:00