Anatolian Leopard | SproutsFF23

Anatolian Leopard | SproutsFF23

Anatolian Leopard / Anadolu Leopari by Emre Kayis

Dutch Premiere | 2021 | Turkey, Germany, Denmark, Poland | 113 minutes 

eco competition


An Ankara zoo becomes the battleground in this slow-burning fight between real estate investors and a reluctant zoo director clinging onto a more honorable past. The lifeless body of the titular leopard, a protected national symbol of Turkey, becomes the dubious chess piece in a standoff between two opposing ideologies. What value do we attribute to animals in contemporary society?

The film is part of Sprouts Film Festival 2023, which will be held May 10-14. For more information about our festival and the SproutsFF23 films , click here. All selected feature films are competing for the Audience Award, so please do not forget to cast your vote when leaving the screening room. A three-headed jury consisting of industry professionals is in charge of selecting a winner from the films in the Debut Competition, while a three-headed jury of sustainability oriented students will do the same for the Eco Competition and the Eco Shorts Program.


All SproutsFF23 films are English subtitled, except for How to Blow Up a Pipeline and Vesper (which are English spoken and Dutch subtitled).

Regie: Emre Kayis

Cast: Hatice Aslan, Ugur Polat, Seyithan Özdemir, Tansu Biçer

Land: Turkey, Germany, Denmark, Poland

Speelduur: 113 min

Taal: Turkish

Ondertiteling: English

Jaar: 2019


Still Anatolian Leopard | SproutsFF23
Still Anatolian Leopard | SproutsFF23