Corsage (ENG SUBS)

Empress Elizabeth, also known as ‘Sisi’, is arguably the world’s most beloved royal after her recently deceased namesake and his tragic daughter-in-law. The iconic series Sissi introduced the world to the gentle, unprecedentedly beautiful but often trapped Empress. Corsage goes one step further in exposing her struggles with the golden cage, oppressive as her corsets. An adulterous husband, struggles with mental health and addiction, the plaintive Empress struggles with it all.
The latest work by Marie Kreutzer, also Austrian, captures the pedestal prison of Sisi, and female royals in general. The parallel with Diana is not only implicit, but is also shown quite literally, when Sisi experiences rare freedom on the estate of Diana’s ancestors. It turns out that it cannot be repeated, she goes on veiled for most of her life.

Regie: Marie Kreutzer

Cast: Vicky Krieps, Colin Morgan, Raphael von Bargen, Finnegan Oldfield

Genre: Drama

Land: Oostenrijk

Speelduur: 115 min

Taal: Duits

Jaar: 2022


Still Corsage (ENG SUBS)
Still Corsage (ENG SUBS)
Still Corsage (ENG SUBS)