Dalva (ENG SUBS)
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Dalva (ENG SUBS)

Dalva lives alone with her father until one night the police raid their home and place her under juvenile protection. Dalva is not like other twelve year old girls. She acts and dresses like a grown woman, and has no idea why she was so roughly snatched from her father. With the help of her roommate Samia and her caretakers at the shelter, Dalva will have to learn to be a child again. Gradually, thanks to them, she begins to understand that the love she shared with her father was not what she thought, and that she has a completely different trauma to deal with than the sudden breakup.


Dalva is the stunning directorial debut of Emmanuelle Nicot, who was widely praised after the world premiere in Cannes for the subtle and sincere way in which she has filmed a very shocking subject.

Regie: Emmanuelle Nicot

Cast: Alexis Manenti, Zelda Samson, Fanta Guirassy

Genre: Drama

Land: Belgium, France

Speelduur: 87 min

Taal: French

Ondertiteling: English

Jaar: 2022


Still Dalva (ENG SUBS)