Dalva (ENG SUBS)

Dalva (ENG SUBS)

At just twelve years old, Dalva exhibits a level of maturity beyond her peers, even dressing herself in a manner that belies her youth. She resides with her father until a traumatic event leads to her being taken into custody by the police and placed in the care of juvenile services. With the aid of her roommate Samia and her counselors, Dalva slowly learns to embrace her childhood. Along the way, she discovers that her relationship with her father was not what it appeared to be and must confront various traumas that have left lasting scars. Emmanuelle Nicot’s directorial debut, “Dalva,” is a poignant and beautifully emotional film that delicately addresses a serious topic. Its world premiere at Cannes was met with widespread acclaim for its subtle and intimate portrayal of its subject matter.

Regie: Emmanuelle Nicot

Cast: Alexis Manenti, Zelda Samson, Fanta Guirassy

Genre: Drama

Land: Belgium, France

Speelduur: 87 min

Taal: French

Ondertiteling: English

Jaar: 2022


Still Dalva (ENG SUBS)