De Acht Bergen (ENG SUBS)

De Acht Bergen (ENG SUBS)

De Acht Bergen tells the story of the special friendship between the urban Pietro and Bruno, a boy from the mountains. In their lifelong quest for happiness, Pietro roams the world while Bruno remains faithful to his mountain. Despite their completely different lives, their childhood friendship remains seemingly indestructible. A film about love between people, loneliness, stability, family relationships and attachment to a region.

Regie: Felyx van Groeningen, Charlotte Vandermeersch

Cast: Luca Marinelli, Allessandro Borghi, Filippo Timi, Elena Lieti, Elisabetta Mazzullo, Surakzhya Panta, Gualtiero Burzi, Elisa Zanotto

Genre: Drama

Land: Italy

Speelduur: 147 min

Taal: Italian

Ondertiteling: English

Jaar: 2022


Still De Acht Bergen (ENG SUBS)
Still De Acht Bergen (ENG SUBS)