Goodbye Julia (ENG SUBS)

North Sudanese Mona is tormented by guilt after covering up a murder. She attempts to cleanse her conscience by taking in the South Sudanese widow of the deceased, Julia, and her son Daniel. Unable to confess her wrongdoing to Julia, Mona decides to leave the past behind. However, the unrest in the country forces her to confront her sins.


Goodbye Julia offers an in-depth look at the historical and cultural background of Sudan, focusing on the complex relationship between the northern and southern populations. The film is praised for its nuanced approach to the subject and has garnered numerous awards at various international film festivals.

Regie: Mohamed Kordofani

Cast: Nazar Goma, Siran Riyak, Eiman Yousif

Genre: Drama

Land: Sudan

Speelduur: 120 min

Taal: Arabisch

Jaar: 2024


Still Goodbye Julia (ENG SUBS)
Still Goodbye Julia (ENG SUBS)
Still Goodbye Julia (ENG SUBS)