How to Have Sex
  • VERWACHT: 15 februari

How to Have Sex

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We proberen bij Studio/K zo breed mogelijk te programmeren. How to Have Sex

maakt deel uit van Studio/Queer. Meer info over Studio/Queer? Klik hier.


The yearly Sprouts Film Festival, which had its origin at Studio/K in 2022, showcases cinema of the future by focussing on socially critical debut films, and ecocinema; films with a strong environmental focus. Under the banner of Sprouts OFFSPRING we highlight films that could have been included in the festival selection, but were given a regular Dutch release instead. We at Studio/K strongly believe in the power of these imaginative fiction films to disrupt the status quo. The festival’s third edition will be held May 7-12 2024 at Studio/K and MACA | Moving Arts Centre Amsterdam. Want to know more?

Regie: Molly Manning Walker

Cast: Shaun Thomas, Mia McKenna-Bruce, Lara Peake

Genre: Drama

Land: Verenigd Koninkrijk

Speelduur: 98 min

Taal: Engels

Jaar: 2023


Still How to Have Sex
Still How to Have Sex
Still How to Have Sex