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In Our Day | CinemAsia24

For his thirtieth feature film, HONG Sangsoo explores the search for meaning, real connections, and artistic fulfilment. The film follows the classic Hong style: simple conversations with familiar faces, delving into the struggles of creatives in the later stages of their careers, mixed with a bit of alcoholism and wit. 


The story is divided between an actor who has given up on acting and a poet finding fame late in his career. As they are each asked by younger people how to live a life making art, neither can provide good answers. One story ends with the actor’s flatmate upset about a missing cat, the other with the poet’s unhealthy drinking habits affecting his health.


Hong masterfully weaves these two narratives together, creating a world full of possibilities. Every small detail, from a cat’s whereabouts to the spice level of an instant noodle lunch, has important consequences, showing us that thinking about life’s profound questions often brings us back to where we began.

Regie: HONG Sangsoo

Land: South Korea

Speelduur: 84 min

Taal: Korean

Ondertiteling: English

Jaar: 2023

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