Le paradis (ENG SUBS)

Le paradis (ENG SUBS)

Joe, a seventeen-year-old, is on the verge of being discharged from a detention center for juveniles. His desire for independence intensifies as the judge grants him permission to live on his own. However, his impending freedom becomes entangled when a new inmate named William enters the scene, forming a close bond with Joe. Zeno Graton’s directorial debut, “Le paradis,” subtly portrays the constraints of confinement, as these young individuals yearn not only for physical freedom but also for the freedom of expression and creativity. “Le paradis” is a captivating and intimate film that delves into the lives of two boys who believed their existence had reached a stalemate, only to discover that love and passion can provide a unique form of liberation.

Le paradis is part of Studio/Queer. More info about Studio/Queer? Click here.

Regie: Zeno Graton

Cast: Khalil Gharbia, Eye Haïdara, Julien de Saint Jean, Jonathan Couzinié

Genre: Drama

Land: Belgium

Speelduur: 88 min

Taal: French

Ondertiteling: English

Jaar: 2023


Still Le paradis (ENG SUBS)