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Mad Fate | CinemAsia24

An eccentric fortune teller, simply nicknamed ‘The Master,’ and a psychopathic cat-killing young man cross paths at the scene of a murder. The Master sees in the young man, Siu Tung, a destructive path of violence, but he is convinced that he can change Siu Tung’s fate. Trailing behind them is a police officer who is keeping one eye on Siu Tung and the other on an elusive serial killer. The men find themselves caught in a web of superstitions and madness that throws the world into disarray.

Mad Fate sees director Soi CHEANG continue on his trajectory of gritty crime dramas, infused here with a delirium that mirrors the protagonists’ insanity. Produced by the auteur of Hong Kong crime cinema Johnnie TO, Mad Fate echoes many of To’s thematic trademarks: men caught between heaven and earth, a battle of fate versus free will. In the end, though, the audience is left to wonder, who is really the mad one here?


Content Warnings

Blood and violence

Regie: Soi CHEANG

Land: Hong Kong

Speelduur: 108 min

Taal: Cantonese

Ondertiteling: English

Jaar: 2023

Still Mad Fate | CinemAsia24
Still Mad Fate | CinemAsia24