Saint Omer (ENG SUBS)

Saint Omer (ENG SUBS)

After being accused of drowning her own daughter, Senegalese immigrant Laurence Coly faces a fierce trial. Despite her confession, she insists that she is not responsible for this.


We follow the case from the pained point of view of Rama, a successful novelist dealing with the Medea myth and thus this case, whose ultimate view of motherhood is being tested. Saint Omer is the fiction debut of the documentary filmmaker, Alice Diop, and transcends the stereotype of the ‘helpless’ migrant and woman. Laurence’s inscrutable character draws you into this mysterious and contradictory courtroom drama based on true events. Even the changing camera angles are fully thought through and aim at the viewer’s perspective and objectivity or, conversely, subjectivity.

NRC: ★★★★

TROUW: ★★★★


Regie: Alice Diop

Cast: Guslagie Malanga, Kayije Kagame

Genre: Drama

Land: France

Speelduur: 122 min

Taal: French

Ondertiteling: English

Jaar: 2022


Still Saint Omer (ENG SUBS)
Still Saint Omer (ENG SUBS)
Still Saint Omer (ENG SUBS)