The Blue Caftan (ENG SUBS)

The Blue Caftan (ENG SUBS)

Halim and his wife Mina are proprietors of a traditional kaftan clothing store in Salé, Morocco. Although Halim finds great joy in practicing his craft, he harbors a significant personal secret: he identifies as gay. When the diligent Youssef joins their team, the dynamic between Mina and Halim becomes imbalanced.

The Blue Caftan, a film directed by Moroccan filmmaker Maryam Touzani (Adam), is a poignant chamber drama evocative of Dutch still life paintings. The film features powerful performances that sustain an atmosphere of tension between the characters, revealing a complex game of secrets and turmoil.


The Blue Caftan is part of Studio/Queer. More info about Studio/Queer? Click here.

Regie: Maryam Touzani

Cast: Lubna Azabal, Ayoub Messiou, Saleh Bakri

Genre: Drama

Land: Marokko

Speelduur: 118 min

Taal: Arabic

Ondertiteling: English

Jaar: 2022


Still The Blue Caftan (ENG SUBS)
Still The Blue Caftan (ENG SUBS)
Still The Blue Caftan (ENG SUBS)