The Pink Cloud | SproutsFF22

The Pink Cloud | SproutsFF22

Replace COVID-19 with a deadly pink cloud and you’ll have the premise of this film. What makes The Pink Cloud stand out from pandemic inspired stories is that it was written in 2017, and shot in 2019. An intimate, relatable and thought provoking look at the importance of protecting what we have. How to adapt to isolation and unprecedented circumstances?


The Pink Cloud is part of the eco competition at Sprouts Film Festival.



Sprouts Film Festival

In 2007 a new cinema was added to the rich cultural landscape of Amsterdam. Studio/K is a unique cultural center in that it is fully run by a group of approximately fifty dedicated students. Today we are one of the leading independent cinemas in the city with around 100.000 visitors a year. In 2022 we are expanding our reach by creating our own film festival. The yearly Sprouts Film Festival showcases cinema of the future by focusing on two fiction feature film competitions. Firstly, our Debut Competition will be solely made up of first works that have a strong socio-political message at their core. As students and aspiring system changers we know how difficult it can be to get your foot in the door. Through presenting fresh and unreleased gems to Amsterdam’s international audience we hope to help further kickstart new talent. Secondly, our Eco Competition will consist of works with a strong environmental focus. As young adults we find it hard to accept how slow the fight against climate change is progressing. It is through ecocinema that we hope to strengthen our voices and motivate people to start acting now. 


All selected films are competing for the Audience Award, which you are actively involved in through voting ballots. A professional jury is in charge of selecting a winner from the films in the Debut Competition.


At Studio/K we strongly feel that the socio-political and environmental messages at the core of the selected films demand to be heard, and that these messages should be accessible to all. Therefore everyone buying a regular or Cineville ticket will be allowed to bring a +1 for free to all Sprouts Film Festival screenings. 


Regular ticket: 11,- (a free +1 allowed)

Stadspas groene stip: 1,- / 6,50

Cineville: Free (a free +1 allowed)

We Are Public: Free

Makkie ticket: 4




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Regie: Iuli Gerbase

Cast: Renata de Lélis, Eduardo Mendonça, Helena Becker

Land: Brazil

Speelduur: 105 min

Taal: Portuguese

Ondertiteling: English

Jaar: 2021

Still The Pink Cloud | SproutsFF22
Still The Pink Cloud | SproutsFF22