Together 99 (ENG SUBS)
  • VERWACHT: 30 mei

Together 99 (ENG SUBS)

The cast of Together reunites twenty-four years after the Tillsammans commune. It’s 1999 and Klasse and Göran are the only two remaining members of the group. Klasse secretly invites former members of the commune to Göran’s birthday party. As old friends catch up, old scars resurface throughout a tumultuous evening, but so does new hope.


In Together 99, Swedish director Lukas Moodysson reunites the cast, resulting in a bittersweet comedy that feels like a documentary.

Regie: Lukas Moodysson

Cast: Anja Lundqvist, Gustaf Hammersten, Shanti Roney

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Land: Sweden

Speelduur: 115 min

Taal: Swedish

Ondertiteling: English

Jaar: 2023


Still Together 99 (ENG SUBS)
Still Together 99 (ENG SUBS)
Still Together 99 (ENG SUBS)