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Having ventured far from our roots, we have settled into Western life while holding onto our ties back home. The young Asian migrants strive to reestablish connections with our homeland and question the intricate identities that unfold in the spaces in between. Embark on a dialogue inspired by our collective footprints — a discourse that delves into the historical, embraces the current, and reflects on the act of wandering while contemplating the very essence of what we call home.


Wanderland, curated by Minhong YU, features six diverse shorts: The Things I Have Never Told You (2023, China & Belgium), A visitor’s note (2022, China & The Netherlands), Out of Blue Dinner – an interview with Uncle Rudi (2023, China & The Netherlands), My Body is a Haunted Space/ It (2023, China & The Netherlands), I Am Asian (2024, The Netherlands), and Letters to Belonging (2024, China & The Netherlands).


The Things I Have Never Told You


A Chinese girl escapes her conservative Chinese home only to find herself ensnared in similar prejudices in Europe. Unbeknownst to her family, Xinyi (28) is the lone Chinese comedian in Portugal’s English-speaking stand-up comedy scene. The film intertwines Xinyi’s on-stage persona and her true self, using first-person narration to unveil the struggles of a female immigrant behind the laughter.


A visitor’s note


A future visitor (A glass spinning top) travels through the time of 50°49’13.1″N 5°41’31.7”E, a place that used to be a cement factory (ENCI), a natural reserve and will develop an independent economic model in the future.


Out of Blue Dinner – an interview with Uncle Rudi


The video “Out of Blue Dinner” is a documentary-style interview that unfolds the story of Uncle Rudi, a food truck owner at Leeuwarden’s Friday market. Following his daughter’s collection of old photos, Uncle Rudi shares his journey of self-discovery and reorientation in his homeland, Indonesian, through the lens of food.


My Body is a Haunted Space/ It


In this film “My Body is a Haunted Space”, I take the skin disease out of my body, talk about it, describe its presence, objectify it. It felt like we already knew something was there, but didn’t know more details. We know its potential impact, which creates a sense of loss in the trance. In describing it, it diffracts beyond the boundaries of the self, events overlap, voices return, and in the echo, my body becomes the haunted space.


I Am Asian


In this documentary, filmmaker Vincent HODDE explores his struggle with his bi-cultural identity: can he consider himself Asian or not? Having roots in both Thailand and The Netherlands, he reflects on what home means. How much would his perspective on life have changed if he had grown up in Thailand?


Letters to Belonging


How can letter writing be a form of surrendering amidst feelings of (un)belonging? This narrated performative piece invites you to take a deep dive into portals of water, movements, and words, contemplating one’s loss of footing and extending companionship to others experiencing similar journeys.



Length: 60 mins + Q&A

Date: Thursday 7 March, 19:00-20:45

Location: SK2

Speelduur: 90 min

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