A Studio/K’s initiative: Sprouts Film Festival!


After a successful launch in June 2022, we returned for our 2nd edition in May this year with a program that was bigger, greener and more diverse than our inaugural edition; we added a new Ekodis Eco Shorts Program, there was a wider variety of side programming on offer and we managed to bring in a larger amount of Dutch premieres.


The next edition of SproutsFF will take place May 7 – 12 2024. Keep an eye on our socials for more updates!


Everyday our lives are flooded by crises, not least of all a seemingly ever-growing climate crisis. It is therefore no surprise that Dutch society has seen a proliferation of protests. Sprouts wants to make the cinema a site of protest by addressing these crises at hand through fiction film, because the power of the imagination can help us battle polarization and foresee effective ways of living together harmoniously with one another and the more-than-human world. 

Sprouts Film Festival showcases cinema of the future by focusing on two fiction feature film competitions.


Firstly, our Eco Competition consists of works with a strong environmental focus. As young adults we find it hard to accept how slow the fight against climate change is progressing. It is through ecocinema that we hope to strengthen our voices and motivate people to start acting now.


Secondly, our Debut Competition is made up of first works that have a strong socio-political message at their core. As students and aspiring system changers we know how difficult it can be to get your foot in the door. Through presenting fresh and unreleased gems to Amsterdam’s international audience we hope to help further kickstart new talent.


The different starting points of these competitions converge at our Eco Shorts Program. Many of the loudest eco-conscious voices start with limited financial means and exposure.