Sprouts 2024

Sprouts Film Festival 2024 | May 7-12

In times of a glitching world, with weather extremes and inhumane conflicts intensifying, it can be tempting to avert your gaze. Instead, Sprouts wants to make the cinema a site for peaceful protest by showing newly released ecocinema and socially critical debut films. All selected features and shorts are fiction, because it is our belief that through the power of imagination we can alter our behaviour for the better and rethink our relationship with the more-than-human world. We are here to make you wonder, to inform, to spark resistance and to nurture fresh talent.


SproutsFF24, the third edition, will be bigger than ever. Sprouts festival locations this year are Studio/K, MACA, Kriterion and Zone2Source. Want to learn more about our SproutsFF24 programme, which also includes a free Eco Expo, a queer club night and a live ecological AV-show? Go to sproutsfilmfestival.com or follow us on Instagram @sproutsfilmfestival and Letterboxd @sproutsff.


* All features are in competition for the Audience Award. Please do not forget to cast your vote on the way out!



Here are the films that will be screened at Studio/K:

Disco Boy

Green Tide

Guardians of the Formula

Sister, What Grows Where Land Is Sick?

The Buriti Flower

The Mountain Wagtail


Dilli Dark


Empty Nets


Oceans Are the Real Continents

Fox and Hare Save the Forest



Moreover, two shorts programs are also running: