🐠Kom vissen naar talent in de /Kweekvijver van Studio/K! Aanstormend talent krijgt tijdens dit gratis feest een podium om hun kunsten tentoon te stellen aan een groter publiek. Deze editie vissen we uit eigen vijver en staan onze eigen leden achter de decks.

22:00 – 00:00 STOOF
00:00 – 01:30 Masa.J
01:30 – 03:00 deBeau
SK4 // Gratis // 22:00 – 03:00

Every last Wednesday of the month we host Jazz in /K. A group of musicians fills our restaurant with some swinging and magical sounds. So, make your dinner or movie night even cozier by watching and listening to the band!


Visit Studio/K and enjoy for free, every last Wednesday of the month, from 10 PM.

Every two or three months, Studio/K pays homage to the ‘Kroeg’ (café) as a place where different kinds of people come together and speak freely about daily life or have political discussions. We notice that people often feel overwhelmed by all the information in the media about current political and social issues, and struggle with how to interpret the debate or how to take action. To help with this, we are introducing a new series of programs, called /Kroegcollege. The evening will focus on a social phenomenon, with experts sharing their insights. And afterwards, you can discuss and socialize while enjoying a drink!


On February the 29th, the first /Kroegcollege will be organized: On Fascism. In these tumultuous times, we think it is important to start a conversation about fascism, its history, different forms and dangers. In SK4, from 20.00 till 21.00, dr. Markha Valenta (UU) will facilitate short lectures about fascism. There is room for questions and/or discussions.


Markha Valenta is an Assistant Professor at University College Utrecht whose work takes shape at the intersection of Politics, Anthropology and History. Their research focuses on the dynamic relation between globalization, international relations, and diversity politics relative to democracy and justice (“geopolitics of diversity”), with particular attention to developments in the United States, Netherlands and India.




Studenten/stadspas: 3,00 euro

Regular tickets: 5,50 euro

We Are Public (don’t forget your card!)

Studio/Queer is teaming up with CinemAsia for CinemAsia’s 20th anniversary party for a Queer Club Night on Friday 8 March. CinemAsia has roots deeply embedded in the queer Asian movement in the Netherlands – as pioneers standing up for the and representation of queer Asian voices. This night, this legacy of (East and South East) Asian queer fluidity and richness will be honored through a dance workshop in styles that shaped the electronic underground scene, such as House, Vogue Femme, Waacking and Hustling. After warming up at the dance workshop, you can enter the club night from 23:00 until 03:00.


Free entrance. We have tickets at the door, but there will be a few reservation spots available to secure your spot at the party. For the dance workshop, reservations are required, there are 20 spots available.


E-mail to reserve your spot for the dance workshop and/or party. Door closes at 02:00.


21: 15 – 22: 15 | SK4

Dance workshop (Vogue Femme, House, Waacking, Hustle) by Yuwi.


23:00 – 03:00 | Line-up | Skafé
BuruN ĐăngA

CinemAsia brings together immersive Asian narratives with Dutch audiences during our inaugural VIRTUASIA: A Journey through Virtual Asia.

CinemAsia loves exploring new voices and perspectives through film and media, and have noticed the exciting new growth of Asian immersive media like VR/XR technology. On occasion of CinemAsia’s 20th anniversary they’re proud to present their inaugural CinemAsia VR festival section “VIRTUASIA” featuring the best of Asian Virtual Immersive Experiences. CinemAsia is not just watching stories on screen, they’re diving right into the worlds and cultures being depicted from Asian creators from VR/XR powerhouse countries like South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Put on those headsets and join CinemAsia in stepping into these incredible new worlds!


There are five different VR films playing, listed below. Curious? Check out this flyer for more information.


Click on a title to get a ticket!
Gina Kim (40 min)
Coming of Age (45 min)
Memory (27 min)
Past & Present (36 min)
My Inner Ear Quartet (35 min)


Just like every second Tuesday of the month, we will host Comedy/Kafé at Studio/K. This is a stand-up comedy night for those who dare, organised by comedian Maeva Dolle. Every month different speakers will perform; experienced or not. And anyone can join or watch!


So come laugh with us in SK4, the space next to our restaurant.

Tickets are free, but make sure you buy one beforehand, via our website or at the door. > Tickets sold out on our website? Call 020-6920422.

On March 16 and 26, there will be an Afrofuturism shorts program. Alongside six feature films, we will also screen four shorts as part of our special programming ‘Afrofuturism: Black to the Future.’ On March 16 and 26, four Afrofuturism shorts will be shown consecutively: the neon-colored Hello Rain (2018), the first Kenyan science fiction film ever Pumzi (2009), the American dance film A Love Letter to the Ancestors From Chicago (2017), and finally, the Filmacademie graduation film Zwart Geluk (Blaka Koloku) (2023). After the shorts on March 26, there will be a talk with Vamba Sherif: novelist, film reviewer, and editor of De Komeeta collection of Afropean Science Fiction stories.

Kom luisteren naar een avond vol woordkunst en spannende battles tijdens SLAMsterdam! in /K. Tijdens deze Poetry Slam gaan acht woordkunstenaars elke voorronde de strijd aan. Ze mogen drie minuten slammen – en dan is het aan het publiek om een winnaar aan te wijzen. De winnaar van de jaarfinale gaat naar het NK Poetry Slam in Utrecht. Elke maand is er een voorronde, en op maandag 24 juni vindt de finale plaats. Kom jij kijken, luisteren en beoordelen wie naar de finale mag?

Wat? SLAMsterdam! in /K: Poetry Slam

Wanneer? 23 maart van 19:30 tot 22:30

Waar? SK4

Tickets: 7,50 euro

On March 16 and 26, there will be an Afrofuturism shorts program. Alongside six feature films, we will also screen four shorts as part of our special programming ‘Afrofuturism: Black to the Future.’ On March 16 and 26, four Afrofuturism shorts will be shown consecutively: the neon-colored Hello Rain (2018), the first Kenyan science fiction film ever Pumzi (2009), the American dance film A Love Letter to the Ancestors From Chicago (2017), and finally, the Filmacademie graduation film Zwart Geluk (Blaka Koloku) (2023). After the shorts on March 26, there will be a talk with Vamba Sherif: novelist, film reviewer, and editor of De Komeet: a collection of Afropean Science Fiction stories.


Bio speaker Q&A Vamba Sherif (March 26)

Vamba Sherif is a novelist, essayist, film critic and speaker. He has written many novels. His debut novel, Land of My  Fathers, is about the founding of Liberia as the first African republic in 1822. Vamba Sherif’s work has appeared in many languages, including Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, and the Indian Malayalam. He has also published essays, stories, film reviews, columns and opinion pieces in The New York Times, the German Kulturaustausch, African Writing, Trouw, Volkskrant, NRC and ZAM-Magazine, among others. With Ebissé Rouw, he compiled Black: Afro-European literature in the Netherlands and Belgium, a unique anthology of Afro-European experience in the Low Countries. 


In April 2021, his memoir Unprecedented Love was published, in which he tells his life story in a letter form to his ten-year-old daughter Bendu, the namesake of his mother. 

About his work the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung wrote: ‘Vamba Sherif creates whirlpools of Shakespearean intensity.’

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