ADE: Polychrome Audio x RPU in /K

ADE: Polychrome Audio x RPU in /K

Club night tickets are sold out! But screening tickets still available.

On Thursday 20 October, Amsterdam-based record label Polychrome Audio, creative community RPU, and multidisciplinary venue Studio/K are organising a cutting edge event centred around the experience of rave and passion for electronic music. Studio/K will set a stage where rave, film, and audiovisual experimentations merge into an immersive experience in two club and cinema rooms. The musical line-up will feature artists from the underground, local, and international scenes, connecting the dots between talented individuals from different worlds. Expect a very fresh perspective on dance music culture, enabling attendees to open their minds and discover a new artistic approach.



Berton (IT)/buen clima (live) (CL)/Daisy Moon (GB)/Eversines (NL) & RDS (NL)/Jean Jacques (NL)/Kid Phantastic (AU)/Marea (IT)/Noord Loop (FR)


Sisters with Transistors|19:00

4 Short Films Screening|21:00

Techno Mama (2021)

Beyond Sound (2022)

平安 – HEIAN (2019)

Sensory Overload: Inducing Trance Through Rave (2022)



Before the club event we will be screening the feature film Sisters with Transistors at 19:00.

In addition to this event, there will be a screening of 4 short films related to the experience of rave and the obsessive passion for electronic music. This screening starts at 21:00.

Tickets for the screenings are free for all Polychrome Audio x RPU club event ticket holders. If you don’t have a ticket you can purchase door sale at €8,50 or with your Cineville card at the cashier to receive your ticket. Arrive early to secure your ticket.


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This event is one of two ADE events at Studio/K. Make sure to also check out the Funzioni Continue event on Sunday.

Tijd:19:00 - 06:00