Bloody Hell: A Night on Period Taboos

Bloody Hell: A Night on Period Taboos

Are you familiar with the Bloody Hell we call a period? A lot of people struggle with this bloody mess and have to face obstacles such as not having enough money to spend on period products, not being taken seriously by medical professionals, or suffering from gender dysphoria in the process. As if menstruating by itself is not already aggravating enough.

During the evening of the 23rd of March, we will host a panel talk with multiple professionals with whom we’re able to discuss several issues such as period poverty, gender dysphoria, and underexposed illnesses affecting menstruation.

  • Tobias Limperg; gynecologist at Endometriose in Balans; will discuss endometriosis and its effects.

  • Rots Brouwer: community builder and activist artist; will talk about premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

  • Morganne Kroon; board member of Neighborhood Feminists; will talk about the issue of period poverty.


We will also get to be inspired by a set of enriching and often relatable poetry and spoken word performances which are woven into the program during the evening.

  • Sascha Sylbing

  • Rende Arends

  • Rots Brouwer

Whether you’re a menstruating warrior or not, everybody is welcome and encouraged to join!

Bloody Hell will take place in SK4 starting at 20:00. Buy your tickets here!