Fifth Friday Sisterhood

Fifth Friday Sisterhood

WHOSE NORMAL/Who-is-Normal#3

Yes, our event is online. And, as the Fifth Friday Sisterhood is committed to creating “Safe Spaces” that are open to all, if you do sign in and take part as viewer or storyteller, you are automatically agreeing NOT to record this event in anyway! We will shall make a “group” screen shot of the event of the event which shall be published on our FaceBook page, anyone wishing not to be on this image, will be given a few minutes before hand to sign off.


Fake news, extremism left, right and centre. Climate Change impact and minority oppression, poverty, conflict and power grabs amok seems on the rise. And, at the same time, we are all being told, there is a way forward to a “NEW NORMAL”?
So, this year, our theme is going to be WHOSE NORMAL or Who-is-Normal, depending on which of our team is MC/Host for each event.

The Sisterhood has always been at the forefront of creating Safe Spaces and in these challenging times, more than ever, we feel we must continue to do this work and keep Advocacy Storytelling strong and healthy. Voices of the unseen and unheard is our business so please, come and join us and discover the what is the “Normal or Not” for the Sisterhood Storytellers.


A few words from the Host/MC for this event: Sobhi Khatib
We grow up understanding what is considered normal and what is not, then we become teenagers, trying to be part of a new normal or refusing that frame. Following that we go through life, sometimes being called unique, special and unusual and in some other times we are considered “normal”. To bring some meaning, emotion and soul to those statements we share stories. And that’s what we will do in our next Fifth Friday Sisterhood event with your host for that evening, Sobhi Khatib.

Tijd:19:45 - 22:30
Locatie:online via Zoom

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