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On Monday, July 1, we celebrate and commemorate Keti Koti (‘break the chains’) at Studio/K. Together, we reflect on the legal abolition of slavery on July 1, 1863, in Suriname and the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom, and the long-lasting legacy of the colonial system. At the same time, we celebrate and honor the wealth of connection and resistance against it through a film screening, spoken word, and a communal free meal. We begin with a unique screening of a spoken word meditation by filmmaker and wordsmith Ford Curlingford. This work will premiere for the first time as part of this program. The spoken word meditation is followed by a screening of Mama Sranan (Mother Suriname). After the film program, we will serve free Heri Heri, also with vegan option from our own kitchen in the café-restaurant. You don’t need a ticket for this but it’s first come, first served with limited supply, so be quick


  • 16:55 – 18:30 Spoken word meditation by Ford Curlingford + a screening of Mother Suriname – Mama Sranan (2023) by Tessa Leuwsha.
  • 18.30 – 19.30 Free Heri Heri (with vegan option) in the café-restaurant.

Mother Suriname – Mama Sranan (2023)

A woman reflects on her life through storytelling and song. With a stream of compelling, partly colored archive material, we travel with her through Suriname and its independence in 1975, through the Netherlands, and different generations of mothers and children. Filmmaker Tessa Leuwsha illustrates the story of Surinamese women like her grandmother, who was a laundress.  


She was born in 1905 to a white mother and a black father – considered a disgrace at the time. Her father was forced to leave, and her mother ended up disappearing as well. She is insulted as a ‘half-breed’, has to work hard as a child, and slowly becomes aware of the state of affairs regarding Dutch colonial relations (“we work and they watch”). But within these circumstances, she is determined to make the best of her life, even though the father of her children is always working elsewhere for the Dutch. She moves to the bustling capital of Paramaribo, where she raises her children alone.


Mother Suriname – Mama Sranan, is a documentary by Tessa Leuwsha, inspired by her book “Fansi’s Silence”. It was awarded a special mention in the Best Dutch Documentary category at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) in 2023.


Tijd:16:55 - 19:30