Our Poetics | Queer Shorts Programming

Our Poetics | Queer Shorts Programming

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We are hosting a queer shorts program on the 23rd and the 27th of July. We will be screening four different short films that underline themes of liberation, self-identity, oppression, queerness and more.


Short Film Program without Aftertalk

Date: 23 July

Time: 21:30


Short Film Program WITH discussion with Devika Chotoe

Date: 27 July

Time: 19:30-21:30

Every short illustrates poetic ways to reconnect with and retell the stories that have shaped our communities and identities, each in its own way. In between the shorts, we will reflect on the films with Devika Chotoe on the role of poetic expression in the fight towards (queer) liberation.


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The following four shorts will be screened in English with English subtitles:

  • Goodbye First Love (2024) – dir. Shuli Huang

He pays him a visit in Frankfurt during his work trip in Europe. He talks about their time in Beijing, back in 2015. He listens and, sometimes, answers, unblurring those seemingly important details, which do not matter any longer. Worn-out joy and fresh weariness. This could be the last time he sees him.

  • Bonnarien (2024) – dir. Adiel Goliot

Bonnarien is Mauricette’s surname, it means ‘no good’ in English and she’s determined to change it. A slam poet during her free time, Mauricette understands the potential words possess to inflict great harm. She decides to use her craft to free herself from a colonial name that was imposed onto her ancestors and in doing so, heal long-standing generational trauma. Set in French Guiana, Bonnarien is Adiel Goliot’s first fiction short. With a stellar cast and performance, Goliot’s tender film finds power in reclamation.

  • 315 (2024) – dir. Daniel Jacoby

A sequence of family anecdotes and historical events coinciding with the artist’s date of birth, takes on a different tone as he unearths what happened in his native Peru on that day in 1989. With the notion of the vastly neglected anti-LGBT hate crime, a new narrative emerges from the same memories.

  • Area Boy (2023) – dir. Iggy London

An aimless teenager, Eli, has moved to the outer edges of a provincial town with his mother. As he settles in, he tries to escape the bleakness of life and navigating questions of self-identity, by balancing his time between his delinquent friends and the church community. Torn between two worlds, Eli must find himself and embrace who he truly is.