Levante (ENG SUBS)
  • VERWACHT: 20 juni

Levante (ENG SUBS)

Sofia is the star of the volleyball team at her high school. Just before a crucial match, she discovers she’s pregnant. During her search for the possibility of an illegal abortion, she becomes the target of right-wing activists who seek to prevent women and girls from having abortions. Sofia doesn’t succumb to the pressure and draws strength and support from her unconditional friendship with her teammates.


Levante is part of Studio/Queer. More info about Studio/Queer? Click here.

Regie: Lillah Halla

Cast: Ayomi Domenica, Romulo Braga, Loro Bardot, Grace Passô, Glaucia Vandeveld

Genre: Drama

Land: Brazilië

Speelduur: 99 min

Taal: Spaans

Ondertiteling: English

Jaar: 2023


Still Levante (ENG SUBS)
Still Levante (ENG SUBS)
Still Levante (ENG SUBS)